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Product Description

DiffuSil Sleeves are high quality silicone membrane suitable for intermittent operations. The membrane developed for industrial waste water treatment plants. Silicone membranes are free of plasticizers and guarantees excellent chemical resistance to biochemical substance in municipal and industrial waste water

Our silicon membranes are suitable for application where fouling and chemical oxidation due to solvent exposure, High temperatures occur and specific chemical compatibilities are required. Outperforming others in durability and elasticity making it a very sought-after product

We offer membrane sleeves for 63 MM, 90 MM & 115 MM roller. Membrane Sleeves are Available in four variants.

Technical Specification
Parameters UOM TDS 1+ TDS 1 TDS 2 TDS 3
HARDNESS SHORE A 60+/-5 60+/-5 60+/-5 60+/-5
TENSILE Mpa 10.5 9 8 6.5
ELONGATION Min % 500 400 350 275
TEAR STRENGTH kg/cm2 40 36 32 18
DENSITY kg/cm2 1.15 1.15 1.2 1.2
COLOUR   sky blue white off white dark blue
COST   Expensive Bit-Expensive Economical Cheapest
SHELF LIFE   Best Better Moderate Lowest