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Silipure (Bio-medical Grade) Silicone Tube

Sevitsil’s Silipure Tube are carefully formulated by our group of technologist depending on the application of the tube, with experience of 45 years in extrusion process and R&D, we understand criticality of dimension control and tolerance very well, we can make tube of 0.20 mm inner diameter, which is thinner than small baby’s hair.

Silipure Tubes are Resistant to bacteria, sterilize able and no reaction with the body. The tubing is soft, pliable, and contains no plasticizers which could leach out, causing flow contamination or tube hardening. Medical tubing is made under proper manufacturing procedures in Clean Room Class 10000 and conforms to the biocompatibility requirements of USP Class VI & ISO 10993.

  • Manufactured by latest extrusion technology in Clean Room Class 10000.
  • Dimensions are controlled by online laser system for precision.
  • Excellent biocompatibility due to inertness to tissues and cell.
  • Also available in colour coding for identification.
  • Laser etching is possible for batch and lot number traceability.
Standard Rolls available in 30 & 50 meter, NA: Not Applicable AO : Against Order
Above given are regular(fast moving) sizes, we manufacture custom size also.
Size (I.D.)mm Size (O.D.)mm Platinum Cured Peroxide Cured Radio Opaque X Ray Line
0.5 1 Yes Yes AO NA
1 3 Yes Yes Yes AO
1.5 3 Yes Yes AO AO
2 4 Yes Yes AO AO
3 5 Yes Yes AO AO
3 6 Yes Yes Yes AO
4 6 Yes Yes AO AO
4 7 Yes Yes AO AO
4 8 Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 8 Yes Yes Yes AO
5 9 Yes Yes AO AO
6 10 Yes Yes Yes Yes
6 12 Yes Yes Yes AO
7 10 Yes Yes AO AO
7 12 Yes Yes AO AO
7 13 Yes Yes AO AO
8 12 Yes Yes Yes Yes
8 14 Yes Yes Yes Yes
9 13 Yes Yes AO AO
9 14 Yes Yes AO AO
10 14 Yes Yes Yes AO
10 16 Yes Yes Yes Yes
10 18 Yes Yes AO Yes
12.5 19 Yes Yes Yes AO
  • Implantation
  • Hemolysis Test
  • Systemic Toxicity Test
  • Acute Toxicity
  • Irritation or Intracutaneous Reactivity Test
  • Skin Sensitization
  • Pyrogenicity(Material Mediated)
  • Cytootoxicity
  • Genotoxicity
  • RoHS Declaration
  • WEE Declaration
  • Heavy Metal Declaration
  • REACH Delcarations
  • TSE/BSE Declarations
  • Food Conatct Declarations
  • Pharmaceutical Regulations
  • Subacute Toxicity
  • Subchronic Toxicity
  • Extractables and Leacability Test
  • Stability Test ( 7 Years)


Product Description

Single lumen Silicone tubes are used in n – number of applications in medical segment because of it’s inherit properties like nontoxic, non-reactive, flexibility, stability and UV resistant. Silipure Single lumen Silicone tube are manufactured specially as per the applications, every application has its own requirements which we can fulfil without in-house mixing and testing facilities.

  • Dental
  • Diagnostics
  • I V Cannula Tubing
  • Medical Electronics
  • Orthopaedics & Prosthetics
  • Respiratory & Anaesthesia
  • Surgical Devices
  • Vision Care
  • Wound Care


Product Description

Multi Lumen Silicone tubes have excellent heat stability, unmatchable high elastic and non-deformation strength used as components in medical equipment and machines, This Tubes can be manufactured with platinum and peroxide curing systems for regulatory & Non regulatory markets. We can make tubes in various shapes and form, our capacity to make 12 lumen tubes can assure you that your requirements will be fulfilled here. We can make almost all possible combinations.


Product Description

Sevitsil’s Silipure Silicone Drainage Tube are used in treatment of blood or air circulation and drainage which has superb characteristics like odourless, tasteless, non-toxic, low stimulation, long shelf and chemical resistance ( for details chemical compatibility click here). This tube can be sterilized by Ethylene oxide, Gama radiations, Steam autoclaving.

We Offer Different Variant To Fulfil Your Requirement
  • Flat Drains
  • Round Drains
  • T, Y Drains
  • Hubless Round Drains
  • Hubless Flat Drains
  • Flat Channel Drains
  • Round Channel Drains
  • Custom Drains


Product Description

Radio opaque Silicone Tube are required for fluoroscopy or x-ray imaging applications, radio opaque additives are added in to silicone tube to see its critical procedure of placement of medical device, Silipure range offer various percentage of radio opacity of silicone tubes.


Product Description

Sevitsil Silicone breathing Tubes are manufactured in Clean room Class 10000 by high equipped machineries and well experienced engineers.

These highly flexible, non-kinking tubes are suitable as anesthesia devices and breathing devices.

This Hoses are available with and without end sleeves.

Only Indian Manufacturer(Made In India)

  • Neonatal : SSBH – 10 MM Bore diameter of 8 MM
  • Paediatric : SSBH – 15 MM Bore diameter of 12 MM
  • Adult : SSBH – 22 MM Bore diameter of 16 MM
  • At-home respiration systems.
  • Breathing support therapy.
  • Bi-level and CPAP therapy – for sleep apnoea, aerosol therapy.
  • Medical industry.
  • Anaesthetic apparatus.
  • Respiration systems.
  • Extremely light weight, high tensile and terminal strength.
  • High dimensional and buckling stability, good flexibility,
  • Easy to clean.
  • Sterilize able with hot air at 200°C, steam at 134°C, gas (EO), gamma rays.
  • Qualities in accordance with FDA § 177.2600, USP Class VI, ISO 10993.


Product Description

Sevitsil’ Silipure range of catheter tube are components of various catheter, after understanding requirement of this catheters we have manufactured all this range here in India for you. India is a growing market for silicone catheter and finding indigenous company as your partner is always good options. We are open to develop more catheter tubes also.

We Offer Silicone Tubes For Below Give N Catheter List
  • Silicone Foley Catheter
  • Dialysis Catheter (Hemo & Acute)
  • Urethral Catheter
  • Thoracic Catheter
  • Chest Drainage Catheter
  • I V Catheter