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Silicone extrusions are available in various shapes and sizes to suit your individual requirements. We are able to manufacture most extrusions from samples or drawings in solid or sponge in various hardness. Silicone rubber can be forced through a shaped die to produce complex profiles and cross-sections. This is called 'extrusion'.

  • Wide customise range available
  • Available of 12 colours
  • Available in various compounding options.
  • A variety of speciality grades such as Flame Retardant and Low Toxicity.
  • Excellent Ozone, UV and Weathering resistance
  • Thermally stable over a wide range of temperatures (-60°C to 230°C)
  • Photocopier, Paper and Photographic Feed Rollers
  • Automotive Sealing Applications
  • Thermal Insulation (Hot and Cold Applications)
  • External Light Fitting Gaskets
  • Weather and Glazing Seals
  • Locomotive and Carriage Seals
  • Domestic Appliance Seals and Gaskets
  • Environmental Test Chamber Seals
  • Oven and Kiln Door Seals (High Temperature Applications)


Product Description

Silicone rubber square and silicone strips are available for 0.32 mm to 50 mm thickness, this variety of sizes to suits a wide range of applications in diverse industries and markets. Sevitsil has been extruding silicone rubber solid & sponge squares and strips for many years, and, using the latest extrusion technologies, the specifications demanded by today’s environment are always met.

Silicone squares & silicone strips can be supplied in coils, cut lengths or fabricated into rings of various sizes using silicone extension jointing equipment.Silicone sponge squares & strips are also available with self-adhesive tape.

Silicone sponge squares and silicone sponge strips made against order, we offer food grade US FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 approved extrusions.

Sevitsil offers sponge squares & strips densities of 400kg/m ³ to 800kg/m³

Standard size capability matrix for silicone Square & Strip
Solid Sponge
Sizes UOM Min Max Min Max
Width mm 1.00 200.00 2.00 150.00
Thickness mm 0.32 50.00 0.80 30.00
Hardness Shore A 10 90 10 40


Product Description

Sevitsil silicone cord can be manufactured in 0.5 mm to 50 mm diameter is used in many applications from the rail and mass transit sectors requiring a range of diameters right through to joined rings for food manufacturing. Other popular applications for solid and sponge silicone cord include gaskets for harsh environments, high temperature sealing applications, door and enclosure seals. With a range of colours and continuous lengths you can be sure we can meet your exacting needs.

Standard sizes of Silicone & FKM cord are ready available. Other sizes, colours and shore hardness available upon request. Sevitsil offers sponge cord densities of 400kg/m ³ to 800kg/m³.

Standard size capability matrix for silicone cord/rope
Solid Sponge
Sizes UOM Min Max Min Max
Diameter mm 0.50 50.00 1.00 50.00
Hardness Shore A 10 90 10 40


Product Description

Sevitsil silicone cables are very precisely manufactured so that there is not ruggedness to withstand high temperature with excellent stability to extremes of temperature -60 c to + 220 c. Our cables has exceptional electrical insulating characteristics with dielectric strength 500 v/mil, low specific gravity ,no harmful toxic or physiological effects. We also manufacture flame retardant, medical grade, high temperature grade silicone cables on request. silicone connectors also known as grommet are usually used at both ends of the cable to protect from unwanted particles or liquid to come in contact some ready standard sizes cables also available, we can make customise cable & connectors.


Product Description

Over more than 6000 different silicone profiles are available in different grades such as general purpose, high strength, high temperature, flame retardant, electrically conductive, platinum cured, steam resistant, low temperature, oil resistant and high filler contents. Silicone solid and sponge profiles are commonly used in high temperature sealing, door sealing, gaskets, dispensers and oven seals. Silicone extrusions are available with self-adhesive tapes. We make FKM extrusions also.