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FluoroSilicone Tube

Product Description

Fluorosilicone tube combine the high- and low-temperature with the resistance to oils and fuels, the. tubing made of fluorosilicone can also be exposed to petroleum-based oils or hydrocarbon-containing fuels.

Fluorosilicone FVMQ tubing offers excellent resistance to chemicals, fuel, oil and acid resistance and is the ideal choice in extreme operating environments. Our Fluorosilicone tube is available in a 60 Shore A hardness with wide range of colours to meet customer requirements with an operating temperature range of between – 60 and + 225 degrees Centigrade. Sevitsil can also manufacture in a 50% blend, to reduce costs which is quite suitable in some applications.

  • Superior extreme (high-low) temperature performances
  • Very good oil, fuel & liquid resistance
  • Typically used for aerospace industries
  • high temperature resistant coolant tubes for trucks