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Flame Retardant Silicone Sleeves

Product Description

Silicone is an insulator by its nature, this is why generally colored sleeves with different dimensions and wall thicknesses are used in electrical industries.

SEVITSIL offers UL94 V-0 & UL94 HB-approved grade silicone sleeves, we can offer high-temperature resistance up to 300 °C.

  • Highly Flexible
  • Withstands High Temperature
  • All Weather Protection

These are speciality products and we love doing such jobs.

  • To convey & Transfer liquids , air & gases.
  • To protect wires & hoses from high temperature environments.
  • For masking to protect screws & bolts in painting & powder coating operations.
  • High voltage battery systems
  • Coolant heaters

Silicone Insulation Sleeve

Product Description

SEVITSIL® silicone sleeves are manufactured in a controlled environment by UL94-approved silicone grade. SEVITSIL® tube is designed to resist UV rays, ozone gases, and moisture as well as it has outstanding insulation properties.

  • Halogen free, Self-extinguishing, Low smoke
  • Temperature range From -40 °C To 220 °C
  • Voltage proof: 1 kV Per O.1 mm Wall Thickness
  • Dry insulation resistance: S 100,000 mega ohms Min.
  • High strength and flame retardant grade sleeves
Standard Size
1mm ID X2 mm OD 4 mm ID x 5 mm OD 7mm ID X 8 mm OD
2 mm ID X 3 mm OD 5 mm ID X 6 mm OD 8 mm ID X 9 mm OD
3 mm ID X 4 mm OD 6 mm ID X 7 mm OD 9 mm ID X 10 mm OD
  • Bus Bar
  • Wire & Cable Insulation
  • Relay
  • Powder Coating
  • Tube Valve
  • Tile & Ceramic Machines
  • Over Head Line
  • Hopper Dryer
  • Lamination
  • Door Closers
  • Aviation
  • Marine Fuels

KavachSilTM Overhead Insulation Sleeve

Product Description

SEVITSIL Overhead sleeves “KavachSil” is an extraordinary innovation which plays a vital role in saving lives of thousands of humans and animals. For transmission of electrical energy from one point to another distant point to establish communication, one of the modes is to use metallic conductors.

KavachSil is manufactured by Specially formulated Silicone Rubber..

Advantages over choosing SEVITSIL KavachSil
  • Fastest Delivery
  • In-house tooling, compounding and testing facility
  • Globally Competitive
  • Made In India
  • For ACSR (Aluminium conductors Steel Reinforced) Conductors
  • Protection of Birds and Wildlife
  • Transformer stations
  • Railway catenary systems
  • Performs effectively in cross line
  • Easy and Quick Installation
  • Anti-aging
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • High Temperature Performance Properties.
  • UV resistant
  • Moisture & Chemical Resistant
  • Arc Resistance
  • Excellent Ozone Resistance
  • No Special tools required in Installation
  • High Dielectric strength & Volume Resistivity

Conductor Name: Dog | Panther | Wolf | Rabbit | Moose & many more conductors available

Available Voltage Capacity: ≤ 11KV | ≤ 33KV

Available In Sizes from : ⌀ 12 mm to ⌀39.8 mm

Silicone Rubber in Electric Vehicles Application

Product Description

The market for plug-in hybrid and battery-powered electric vehicles has the potential to grow exponentially in the coming years. But realizing that potential will depend on a number of factors, including the Silicone Rubber industry’s ability to meet consumer expectations for performance and value.

This will challenge battery makers to design for the large - volume production of lithium-ion battery packs that are smaller, lighter and less expensive.

Advantages over choosing silicone Rubber
  • Flow, wetting, adhesion and cure properties that can help speed and simplify processing
  • Reliable performance under harsh conditions
  • Electrical wiring systems
  • Temperature sensors
  • Engine/motor cabling
  • Battery cables
  • Airbags
  • Door locking systems
  • Rainwater drain hoses
  • Door and window seals
  • Windshield washer systems
  • Spark plug connector gaskets

Silicone Rubber in HVAC

Product Description

Silicone rubber is used in a number of common HVAC applications especially within mass transit applications.

Silicone sponge is the perfect material for use in applications within HVAC systems due to its superb sealing protection and excellent compression set. Due to its closed cell structure, It provide high levels of protection from water, dust and moisture ingress, making this material the ideal choice for exterior seals and gaskets around the HVAC unit.

  • Enclosure gaskets
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Vibration dampening
  • Environmental seal

Silicone Products for Renewable Energy

Product Description

Demand on the energy sector is higher than ever. This has led to an increasing need for efficiency improvements to be made using reliable products, whilst limiting impacts to the environment.

Silicone sponge is used in a variety of applications but generally its purpose is to seal, insulate or protect an application from flame, heat, water, dust or general weathering.

Silicone rubber is widely used within the energy sector.

  • High-performing properties
  • Highly durable
  • Robust solution
  • Acoustic & vibration insulation
  • Seals & gaskets
  • Thermal insulation
  • Protection and Safety

Silicone Cords, Squares & Strips

Product Description

SEVITSIL offers wide range of solid & sponge gaskets in different colours, size , shapes & hardness.

  • Uniformity
  • Surface finishing
  • Superior sealing properties
  • Easy to join
  • O rings for use in automobiles
  • High pressure gauges & meters
  • Plugging holes in Extruded rubber fender


Product Description

Gaskets are mechanical seals used to fill in spaces between two mated surfaces. Gaskets, O-rings or washers are manufactured to prevent the leakage of fluids which leaks out into the system between the two surfaces while under compression. It also prevents friction between two components.

  • Resilience Over A Broad Temperature Range.
  • Resistance to Permanent Compression Set.
  • Availability In Various Durometers, Colors, And Specialty Grades.
  • Aerospace/Aviation
  • Appliances
  • Electrical
  • Food Processing
  • Medical
  • Military

Silicone Molded Gasket

Product Description

There are thousands of material to make the gaskets with, but the silicone rubber stands out from rest because of its below offered benefits.

  • Excellent insulation
  • Ability to withstand high and low temperature
  • Highly reliable
  • Flame retardant
  • Great aesthetic finish
  • Easy to fix or install
  • No scope of variation
  • Customization
  • Healthcare instruments
  • Medical diagnostic machines
  • Silicone gasket can provide EMI shielding due to its conductive property.
  • Food production plants.
  • Electronic communication equipment,

Silicone High Temp Profiles for Thermal Industry

Product Description

SEVITSIL has a broad range of products designed for use as a high-temperature seals and strips.

Key Features
  • High quality material
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Good durability
  • Excels in harshest conditions- intense heat, high pressure, saturated steam and hot oils.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Offers great sealing properties.
  • Prevents thermal contraction and expansion.
Key Facts
  • Pioneers in thermosil
  • Zero defects
  • Available in 5 standard sizes.
  • 100 mtr roll available in small profiles and 25 mtr roll available in big profiles

Silicone Strips

Key Features
  • High quality material
  • Good durability
  • Highly versatility
  • Offers great sealing properties.
Standard Size
  • Available in silicone strips
  • 45 mm width X 0.5 mm thickness with and without bobbin.


Product Description

SEVITSIL range of silicone profiles is fabricated for providing an excellent option for sealing applications. Thus, these are meant to work with seals/gaskets for different kinds of processes to act like an insulator, oven seal for temperature. Silicone is opted as a basic material as this offer non reactive nature, stability and resistance against extreme environments or temperatures.

  • Flame resistance
  • Withstand to change in temperature
  • Solid design
  • Optimum hardness
Application areas
  • Aerospace
  • Railway
  • Civil engineering
  • Food and dairy industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry


Product Description

SEVITSIL silicone wires and cables are excellent choice for high temperature, high Voltage & applications requiring extremely flexible wires or cables. Silicone insulated cables have an outstanding thermal temperature range -60°C to 220°C. This temperature range demonstrates its greater resistance to heat. Our silicone cables have an exceptional electrical insulating characteristics and low specific gravity.

  • Extreme flexibility
  • High voltage resistance
  • Excellent aging resistance, even under extreme conditions
  • High resistance to many different chemical substances.
  • Silicone does not emit any harmful corrosive gases.
  • Flame Resistance.

Sizes From 0.5 to your specified requirements.

Also SEVITSIL offers compound of silicone rubbers in electrical application.


Product Description

LuminoSil is a perfect replacement for old traditional aluminium channels. This new generation 100% silicone LED profile can be bent freely, soft, super touch, emits light evenly, highly flexible , easy to cut.

Selecting the right material for LED lighting applications is crucial, as significant downtime and repair costs can occur if electrical enclosures fail to keep out water, moisture or dust ingress. Over more than 6000 different silicone profiles are available in different grade.

  • High strength
  • High temperature
  • Flame retardant
  • Electrically conductive
  • Steam resistant
  • Oil resistant

Silicone Molded Products

Product Description

Silicone molded products can be used for numerous purposes in the electrical, medical and healthcare industry. Silicone has an excellent shaping property easing to play with its structure. SEVITSIL is a leading manufacturer of silicone molded products. We produce molded silicone products through in-house compression molding.